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By drawing upon our extensive combined experience of over 170 years, we can deliver the optimal solution customised to meet your specific requirements. Our consulting services at Universal Fans are designed to ensure that our current and potential clients get exactly what they want. Our engineers are trained to thoroughly understand the client’s requirements and provide professional advice accordingly. They possess the expertise and knowledge necessary to assess the unique challenges and constraints of each project.

When preparing quotations and tenders, we take great care to consider several factors. The aim is to provide the most suitable technical solution that aligns with your requirements while optimizing the cost of ownership, minimizing the life cycle cost, and increasing the life cycle of the fan. This approach ensures that clients receive efficient and cost-effective fan solutions that meet their needs and deliver long-term value.

In addition to technical considerations, we also take into account the client’s environmental requirements. Our company strives to provide solutions that are environmentally friendly and comply with relevant regulations and standards. By considering these aspects, Universal Fans ensures that their fan solutions not only meet the technical specifications but also align with sustainable practices.

By offering professional consulting services, Universal Fans demonstrates our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that go beyond just providing fans. Our goal is to assist clients in making informed decisions, optimizing performance, and achieving the desired outcomes while considering factors such as cost, environmental impact, and technical requirements.


Our certified engineers at Universal Fans bring a wealth of applied expertise, experience, and technological knowledge, allowing them to design the best fan solutions. With years of industry experience, they can confidently tackle complex design challenges.

Our engineers have a deep understanding of fan technology and product knowledge, enabling them to design solutions that meet the unique requirements of our clients. They stay up-to-date with the latest advancements, incorporating the most efficient and effective fan technologies in their designs.

Universal Fan’s design process, carefully considers factors such as airflow volume, pressure, temperature, noise levels, and environmental conditions. Engineers analyse the specific needs of the client and application, ensuring the designed solution optimizes performance and reliability.

Our engineers’ expertise enables them to develop custom designs for specialized requirements, including demanding and high-temperature environments. They can provide tailored solutions that deliver optimal performance and longevity.

By leveraging their applied expertise, experience, and technological knowledge, our certified engineers design fan solutions that not only meet client requirements but also ensure efficiency, reliability, and long-term satisfaction.


We take pride in manufacturing all of our offered fan solutions in-house at our own factory. This allows us to have direct control over the production process, ensuring quality, consistency, and adherence to industry standards.

Pre-fabrication of complete systems is another service offered by us. This involves assembling and integrating various components of a fan system in advance, reducing on-site installation time and complexity. Prefabrication can help streamline the installation process and improve overall efficiency.

We are also a general manufacturer of various components related to fan systems. This includes inlet louvre dampers, variable inlet vane controls, oppose-bladed and butterfly dampers, and compensators. These components play crucial roles in regulating airflow, controlling system performance, and managing temperature.

Furthermore, we specialize in manufacturing components suitable for medium to high-temperature applications. This expertise allows us to design and produce fan solutions that can operate effectively and reliably in environments with elevated temperatures.

By manufacturing our own fan solutions and offering additional services, we demonstrate our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to our clients. This integrated approach allows for greater quality control, efficient logistics, and the ability to meet specific requirements across various industries.


Universal Fans, ensure the smooth implementation of accepted fan solutions by offering installation services. We have a dedicated team capable of handling the installation process, ensuring expertise and quality control throughout the implementation.

In addition to our own installation team, we also collaborate with trained, certified, and reliable contract partners. These partners are selected carefully to ensure they meet our standards for quality, professionalism, and expertise. This collaborative approach allows us to expand our installation capabilities and cover a wider geographical area.

By offering installation services or working with trusted partners, we take responsibility for the complete implementation of our fan solutions. This includes not only the physical installation of the fans but also the proper setup, connection, and testing to ensure optimal performance.

The involvement of trained and certified professionals in the installation process helps ensure that the fan solutions are installed correctly and according to client specifications. It also gives clients peace of mind knowing that their fan systems are being handled by experienced and reliable professionals.

Our commitment to installation services demonstrates our dedication to providing end-to-end solutions for our clients. By overseeing the implementation process, we strive to ensure that the fan solutions are seamlessly integrated into the client’s operations, delivering the expected performance and meeting all technical requirements.

Project Management

Universal Fans understands the importance of effective project management to ensure the successful implementation of fan solutions. To achieve this, we employ robust project management practices that include clear documentation, defined deliverables, timelines, and responsibilities.

During the project management process, we ensure that all relevant documentation is prepared and shared with the stakeholders involved. This includes project plans, scope of work, technical specifications, and necessary contractual agreements. Clear documentation helps establish a common understanding among all parties involved, minimizing miscommunication and ensuring alignment throughout the implementation.

Timelines are established to set clear expectations regarding project milestones and completion dates. We work closely with our clients and partners to develop realistic timelines that consider various factors such as manufacturing lead times, logistics, and installation requirements. Monitoring project progress against these timelines allows for timely adjustments and proactive management of any potential delays or issues.

Responsibilities and roles are clearly defined and communicated to the relevant individuals or teams involved in the implementation. This ensures that everyone understands their specific tasks and contributes to the successful completion of the project. Regular communication and collaboration among all stakeholders are encouraged to foster a cohesive and coordinated approach.

Throughout the implementation phase, we actively monitor both product supply and project progress to stay informed about the project’s status, identify potential bottlenecks or issues, and take appropriate actions to keep the project on track. Monitoring progress allows for proactive problem-solving and timely adjustments, ensuring that the project stays within the defined parameters.

By employing effective project management practices, including clear documentation, defined timelines, and continuous monitoring, we aim to ensure smooth implementation and successful delivery of fan solutions. This approach enables us to effectively manage projects, provide transparency to clients, and maintain a high level of client satisfaction.


After the completion of a solution implementation, we, Universal Fans, conduct thorough testing of the installed fan system. This testing phase is crucial to ensure that the solution is functioning as intended and meets all specified requirements.

During the testing process, we verify the performance and functionality of the fan system, checking parameters such as airflow, pressure, temperature control, noise levels, and others based on the project’s specific requirements. The testing is conducted using appropriate equipment and procedures to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Once the testing is complete and the fan system meets all the Client’s requirements, we proceed to hand over the working system to the Client or responsible support organisation. This handover process includes providing the necessary documentation, operating manuals, and relevant information to ensure proper operation and maintenance of the fan system.

By conducting thorough testing before the handover, we aim to provide assurance to the Client that the fan system has been successfully implemented and is ready for operation. This testing phase helps identify potential issues or performance gaps early on, allowing for timely resolution and ensuring Client satisfaction.

The handover of the working system marks the completion of the implementation process and the transition of responsibility from us to the Client or support organisation. We remain available to provide ongoing support and assistance as needed, ensuring that the Client has a reliable and well-functioning fan system.

Overall, our commitment to testing and handover demonstrates our dedication to delivering high-quality, reliable fan solutions and ensuring Client satisfaction throughout the implementation process.


Universal Fans recognises the importance of ongoing maintenance to ensure the continued performance and longevity of the implemented fan solution. To cater to the support requirements of our clients, we offer maintenance services through Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Upon mutual agreement, we can enter into SLAs with clients to outline the terms and conditions of the maintenance services. These agreements specify the scope of maintenance activities, response times, service frequency, and any other relevant terms to meet the specific needs of the client.

Maintenance can be carried out by our team of experts, using our knowledge and expertise in fan systems. Alternatively, we may appoint a trusted and qualified service contract partner to perform the maintenance tasks. The appointed partner will be selected based on their reliability, expertise, and commitment to upholding our high standards.

As part of the maintenance services, we ensure the availability of spare parts, allowing for timely replacement of any components that may need to be replaced due to wear and tear or unforeseen issues. By providing spare parts, we help minimize downtime and ensure efficient maintenance and repair processes.

By offering maintenance services and SLAs, we aim to provide comprehensive support to our clients beyond the initial implementation. Regular maintenance helps optimize the performance of the fan solution, extends its lifespan, and reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns or disruptions.

Overall, our commitment to maintenance services, SLAs, and spare parts availability demonstrates our dedication to client satisfaction and ensuring the long-term reliability and performance of our fan solutions.


We at Universal Fans, recognize the importance of ensuring that clients have the necessary knowledge and understanding to operate and maintain their fan systems effectively. Therefore, we offer tailored training sessions to clients or their representatives.

Our training covers a range of technical and operational issues related to fan systems, customised to meet specific needs and requirements. Topics may include system operation, maintenance procedures, troubleshooting, safety guidelines, and other relevant aspects.

During the training sessions, our experts share their knowledge and expertise, providing comprehensive guidance to participants. Training can be conducted on-site at the client’s location or at our facilities, based on their preference.

By providing training, we ensure that clients are equipped with the skills and knowledge to effectively operate and maintain their fan systems. This empowers clients to take ownership of their systems, improving efficiency, minimizing downtime, and maximizing equipment lifespan.

Our commitment to training demonstrates our dedication to client satisfaction and building long-term partnerships. By sharing our technical expertise, we enable clients to optimize their fan systems’ performance and reliability.

Overall, our training services contribute to the success and effectiveness of implemented fan solutions, providing clients with the necessary tools to operate and maintain their systems confidently.

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