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Industrial Fans– Series IF-1 to 4

Universal Fans’ Industrial Fans Series (IF-1 to 4) cater to diverse ventilation and air movement needs in industrial applications. These high-quality fans are designed to meet specific requirements and ensure reliable, long-lasting performance in industrial environments.  IF Fans are available in different impeller designs, including shrouded, un-shrouded radial, and paddle-bladed options. Each design is specifically engineered to address different challenges and handle specific materials or air conditions effectively.

BC Centrifugal Fans

High-efficiency backward curved bladed centrifugal fans are suitable for various clean air applications that require moderate pressures and volumes. These fans are designed to move air or gas in a radial direction, using a series of backward-curved blades mounted on a rotating impeller.

FHRT Exhaust Fans

The FHRT (Heavy Duty Radial Tip) exhaust fans are specifically designed for demanding industrial and power plant applications where the handling of dirty and/or high-temperature gases is required. These fans offer a combination of features that make them an ideal choice for induced draught applications. Here are some key features and advantages of FHRT exhaust fans.

HDBA Centrifugal Fans

HDBA Centrifugal Fans are high efficiency Aerofoil section Backward Curved Bladed fans, designed for clean air applications with high pressures and large volumes. Available in single and double inlet configuration, and direct driven. Key features and advantages include improved aerodynamic performance, higher efficiency, and better energy savings.


The HDBC (Heavy Duty Backward Curved Bladed) fans are designed for heavy-duty clean air applications. These fans are versatile and can be used in various applications such as forced draught, supply air, cooling, ventilation, and quenching.

SRP Pressure Blowers

SRP (Pressure Blowers) is specifically designed for the process industry, where they are used to deliver high pressures at moderate volumes. The impellors are radial bladed with self-cleaning capabilities. SRP fans are typically used in dirty dry air applications and often used in two-stage and three-stage applications.


Universal Fans design and engineer a wide range of dampers available for specific applications including but not limited to louvre dampers, butterfly dampers, knife-gate dampers and inlet vane control dampers suitable for a range of sealing efficiencies, temperatures and air flow volumes.


Universal Fans have a range of cylindrical and rectangular attenuators available.


Universal Fans design and engineer various types of compensators for heavy duty applications suitable for a range of temperatures and air flow volumes.

General Fabrication

General fabrication services for both mild steel and stainless steel are available on request. Universal Fans workshop is suitably equipped to manufacture and machine a wide range of products not listed and have fabricated and supplied, structures, ducting, cyclones etc.

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