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Universal Fans (Pty) Ltd

About Us

With a rich history spanning several decades, Universal Fans has established itself as a reputable and reliable provider of ventilation and air movement solutions. The company offers a wide range of products, including fans, blowers, ventilation systems, and associated accessories.

Universal Fans expertise lies in creating tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients across various industries. They have a dedicated team of engineers and designers who work closely with Clients to develop and deliver high-quality products that align with their requirements.

The company’s commitment to quality extends beyond the manufacturing process. Universal Fans also provides installation and maintenance services to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of their products. They strive to offer comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of their engineered solutions.

Universal Fans has built a strong reputation both locally and internationally, thanks to their emphasis on innovation, reliability, quality fans and client satisfaction. Their products and services are utilised in various sectors, including commercial buildings, industrial facilities, agricultural operations, mines and more.

We Strive To


We manufacture and supply high quality products. Our focus is on delivering products that meet stringent quality standards and exceed client expectations. Through our commitment to excellence in manufacturing processes and quality control, we ensure that our products consistently meet the highest levels of quality and reliability. By prioritising quality, we strive to provide our clients with products they can depend on with trust and confidence.

Meet any customer requirement

We are dedicated to meeting any customer requirement. Our client-centric approach drives us to understand and fulfil the unique needs and specifications of each client and the challenges they face within their industry. We are committed to providing flexible solutions, customising our products and services to meet specific client requirements within the industry. By closely collaborating with our clients and leveraging our expertise, we ensure that we deliver tailored solutions that align with their expectations and surpass their satisfaction.

Conform to local and international standards

Our fans are designed to conform to both local and international standards. We prioritise compliance with regulations and requirements set by relevant authorities and organisations. By adhering to these standards, we ensure that our fans meet the necessary quality, safety, and performance criteria. This commitment to conformity provides assurance that our fans meet the highest industry standards, giving our clients confidence in the reliability and suitability of our products.

Design fans with power saving, environmental health and safety in mind

Our fan designs are streamlined with a focus on energy efficiency, environmental well-being, and safety considerations. We prioritise creating fans that consume less power, minimising their impact on energy consumption and costs. Additionally, we take into account environmental health factors, ensuring that our fans meet or exceed environmental regulations and standards. Lastly, we place a strong emphasis on safety throughout the design process, implementing measures to mitigate risks and ensure the well-being of users and the surrounding environment.

Train and advanceour our own workforce

We are dedicated to training and advancing our own workforce. Our emphasis is on developing the skills and knowledge of our employees, enabling them to grow professionally and contribute to their fullest potential. By investing in our workforce, we ensure that they are equipped with the necessary expertise to deliver high quality products and services.

Commitment to sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability is commendable. By implementing solar power, the company is taking a significant step towards reducing its carbon footprint and promoting clean energy. Solar power is a renewable energy source that helps minimise greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

Utilising solar power for operations not only reduces environmental impact but also showcases our dedication to sustainable practices. By generating clean energy on-site, the company can lower its reliance on traditional energy sources and contribute to a greener future.

Additionally, the recycling of off-cut materials demonstrates our responsible waste management practices. Recycling helps reduce waste going to landfills, conserves resources, and minimises the environmental impact associated with the production of new materials. By recycling our off-cut materials, we can contribute to a circular economy and reduces our overall waste generation.

Embracing sustainability initiatives such as solar power implementation and recycling aligns Universal Fans with global efforts to mitigate climate change, conserve resources, and promote a more environmentally conscious approach to manufacturing. These practices not only benefit the environment but also reflect positively on the company’s reputation as a socially and environmentally responsible organisation.

Existing Customers

Glencore (Xstrata) – Rustenburg, Wonderkop, Boshoek and Lion Smelters.  Samancor – Middelburg Ferrochrome, Ferrometals, TC Smelters, Dikwena Chrome, Tubatse Chrome and Tubatse Alloys. Anglo Platinum Rustenburg Smelters,  Tenova Pyromet, Thermal Energy Systems, Outotec, Columbus Stainless, Richards Bay Minerals, lllovo, Tongaat Hulett, Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation,  Terragen,  Resonant Environmental Technologies, Sappi, Illovo Sugar, Hatch Africa   Drytech, Actom John Thompson, Omnia Fertiliszer, York Timbers, Sasol and many more.

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